The Memorial Fund

The Drakes Island Memorial Fund is a long established way of recognizing and remembering individuals for whom Drakes Island was important. The Memorial Fund also supports the Drakes Island community by helping to fund special projects.

2017 Memorial Fund Contributions

In Memory of Carolyn Beecher ~ Jean Saladino / Jane Stowell; Eric Weinreib /Gabe Weinrieb / Rachel Hopkins; Cheryl and James Hall; Janet and Todd Wallis; Kristine and Rich Doherty; Kathleen Devlin; Ellen and John Hart; Roswitha Coughlin; Tom and Tara Louskin; Wayne Chess/Beverly Lafferrandre; Lydia Dawson; Archies Off Road Performance; Karen and John Kalec; Edith and Richard Lamberts; Pierce Atwood LLP; Louise Thomas; Rebecca and John Furman; Julie and John Ardini; MaryBeth and Curt Clason; Wells-Ogunquit School District (Wells Elementary); Mary and Ralph Lancaster

In Memory of Sandra Dahl ~ Julie and John Ardini

In Memory of Paul Devlin ~ Kathleen Devlin

In Memory of Marion Giles ~ Margaret and Fred Richardson; Dede and Mike McQuillan

In Memory of Donald J Lynch and David J Lynch ~ Anne Lynch

In Memory of Barbara Pearson ~ Dede and Mike McQuillan

In Memory of Joyce Pompeo ~ Julie and John Ardini

The Drakes Island Memorial Fund Committee would also like to thank the following islanders who in true Drakes Island spirit and with community and team efforts, donated their time to the Bench Replacement Project at the Community House grounds. Each phase used teams of multiple people working together and without them, this project wouldn’t have happened!

John Ardini, Ralph Brinley, Leo Cullen, Rick Trachimowicz, Tom Sexton, Rocky Furman, Mike St. Pierre, Chip Hall, Nick Hall, Lukas Hall, Nick Wuerthner, Liam Seeley and Ryan McAvoy

The Memorial Fund provided the following in 2017

• Six (6) new benches along the tennis courts and playground

Current Plans for the Memorial Fund

• Two (2) benches along the walkway at the Community House

• New Memorial Corner and Bulletin Board at the Community House

• New Flower Boxes at the Community House

• ...other suggestions for projects are welcome!

Contributing to the Memorial Fund

Individuals may make contributions to the Memorial Fund. The fund is used to provide for items that the DIIA budget cannot cover. Donations in memory of an individual may be made for general use or for specific items or projects. Any items donated or proposed projects, must be approved by the committee. The committee has a number of giving opportunities that would benefit Drakes Island and leave a lasting memory. Please contact the Memorial Fund Committee at if there is something you think the committee could fund or if there is something specific you would like to provide as a memorial contribution. Contributions can be sent to the DllA at P.O. Box 164 Wells, ME 04090.

Memorial Fund Committee

• Maryanne Foley
• Karen Kalec
• Jan Carty