June 2018

Dear Drakes Island Friends,

Welcome back to Drakes Island……where it’s Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy!

This past winter and spring wasn’t so “easy” on Drakes Island. Three Nor’easters, came in with tremendous force and made for some very exciting days and nights on DI. Full moons, coupled with the Nor’easters led to unusually high tides, flooded/unpassable streets, excessive rocks on beachfront owners’ lawns and beyond! We truly appreciate the Town of Wells for their assistance in maintaining a safe environment on the island during these storms. Their cleanup efforts to maintain passable roads despite snow, rain, rocks, trees, concrete barriers, downed power lines, and garbage receptacles, were tremendous. Our beach didn’t fare so well this year due to the enormous amounts of rocks that inhabited our beach during these storms. Thankfully, with the coordination of the DI Rock Committee, and the many Drakes Islanders who donated to this fund, as well as the Town of Wells and Brex Corp many of these rocks were cleared from beach and moved to the low tide mark. Many thanks to Rocky Furman and crew for the many trailers full of debris, logs, traps and garbage that they discarded from our beach over Earth Day weekend. Without the volunteer efforts and donations of so many generous Islanders we would not be able to enjoy Drakes Island beach as we have been become accustomed to in the past.

Nick Wuerthner, after many years of dedicated service to the DIIA, has decided to pursue other job opportunities and won’t be returning this summer as Executive Director. All of the counselors and campers will miss him, and we wish him the best and offer our gratitude for all that he has done for us. With Membership and camp attendance at an all-time high last summer, we have added an additional Floater to our camps. We are pleased to announce that Lukas Hall will be taking over as Co-Executive Director and Tennis Director and will accompanied by Nick Hall as Co-Executive Director and Director of the Little Kids Camp. Connor Seeley will be joining Lukas as Assistant to the Big Kids Camp & Tennis Assistant. Nick Hall is excited about returning to the duties and responsibilities as the Little Kids Director this summer with Liam Seeley as the Assistant to Little Kids Camp Director. Greg McAvoy and Cameron Hall will each share 6 weeks as Floaters to the Big Kids Camp and the Little Kids Camp. Andrew Wuerthner will be returning for another year as an accomplished Hourly Employee/Apparel Assistant. Kailey Hall, Ryan McAvoy and Kellen Seeley will also be joining the DIIA, for their first summer, as Hourly Employees/Apparel Assistants. Once again, we are very fortunate to have such accomplished and dedicated staff to carry on the Drakes Island Day Camp Traditions.

Even though we spent a lot of our time dodging storms, roof leaks, rocks and high tides, we were still able to have a very productive off-season. The summer of 2017 Apparel Sales, with the coordination of Jennifer Kerr, had another record year in sales! Jess Ackerman, DIIA’s Treasurer, has done an incredible job maintaining all financials of DIIA, including Memberships, Rock Fund, Memorial Fund as well as all committees. This is not a small task, especially with the increase in memberships and memorial donations that have amplified over the past couple of years. She keeps impeccable records and we are very lucky to have her as a volunteer. The transition of the Membership Committee from John Ardini to Kathleen Devlin and Diane Trachimowicz was seamless. The newly expanded Memorial Committee jumped right in and took off rapidly, earning record donations this year and planning and implementing several projects to further beautify DI. The Tennis Committee has been busy coordinating the efforts, along with Woody Mead, of resurfacing of the Mead Court as well as scheduling many tennis and pickle ball events for this summer. Last fall, Earl Foley and crew did a terrific job of buffing and poly’ing the community house floors, patching roof leaks, and winterizing and reopening the community house. The newly polished floors should get us through a few more years before having the replace the floor entirely. Last year’s new roller shades were refunded and replaced with a much better quality from Frank Gagnon in Lower Village. I am happy to report that they will all line up perfectly! Woody Mead did a remarkable job, replacing the front steps, deck, railings and lattice work, as well as the side deck, with completely maintenance free materials. We are happy to announce that the Harwood family donated a beach wheel chair, in Memory of their mother, Marjorie, to the Town of Wells for all DI members to enjoy should they need one to access Drakes Island Beach. With the Memorial Committee’s funding, John Ardini, Tom Sexton & crew have generously donated their time and talents to the new Memorial Corner outside of the community house, added all new flower boxes to the front of the community house as well as replaced the benches along the side tennis court, and updated the swing chains, as well as many other things. Nick Hall has spent many days “sprucing up” the landscaping around the Community House and has done a nice job mowing the lawn and spreading bark mulch. He is very thankful for the lighter benches that the Memorial Committee donated last year! Many thanks to John Ardini for coordinating, with the assistance of YCCC and other DI “Proof Readers”, the long awaited revision to the DIIA Map which will be made available for sale after our Opening Meeting on June 23.

Many thanks to Dick Brinley who, once again, has done a tremendous job of maintaining our DIIA website and coordinating the Driftwood along with the assistance of many volunteers. Christy Reynolds has outdone herself, once again, with a spectacular 2018 Calendar of Events with activities ranging from ice cream sundaes and Pajama parties to, Knit Night, Paint Nights, and even a night for Drakes Islanders with Talent! Sandy Magill has done a great job keeping up with all additions/changes to the DIIA Directory as well as administering the Drakes Island, Maine Facebook page. Although this page is independent of the DIIA, we are thankful to be able to post events and pictures of “Happenings” on the island. Thank you, Sandy for also keeping us all up to date, via emails, with news relating to our friends on Drakes Island. We would also like to thank all of our Committee Members, Officers and Board of Directors for countless hours spent, both in-season and off-season, assuring that our Association continues to run smoothly. We can’t say thank you enough to all of our volunteers who host events at the Community House and beyond. Without all of you, the children’s programs would not be what they have become today. Our children and grandchildren are so fortunate to be surrounded by such a generous community.

Be sure to read the Driftwood that was delivered to your home as well as on the website (diia.org) for this summer’s news and information. Watch for the rare Right Whales!! They have been spotted, this spring, several times along our shores and in between the Jetties!

p>Enjoy your summer! May it be your best ever!

Kathy Hall
President, 2016 - 2018
Drakes Island Improvement Association

Brook Seeley
First Vice President, 2016 - 2018
Drakes Island Improvement Association