June 2017

Dear Drakes Island Friends,

Welcome back for another spectacular, fun-filled summer on Drakes Island.

First off, many thanks to Mike McCarthy for his leadership over the past 2 years. DIIA is fortunate to have so many generous individuals who volunteer their time and talents to our charming island for which we are truly appreciative of.

This year we are very fortunate to have such an accomplished and dedicated staff to carry on the Drakes Island Day Camp Traditions. It just so happens that all of our 2017 camp counselors are males... “The Boys of Summer”. After a very successful summer last year, we are pleased to announce that Nick Wuerthner will be returning as Executive Director and Tennis Director. Lukas Hall will join Nick, for a second year, as Assistant to the Executive Director & Tennis Assistant. Nick Hall is excited about taking over the duties and responsibilities as the Little Kids Director this summer with Connor Seeley by his side as the Assistant to Little Kid’s Camp Director. Pat McAvoy and Liam Seeley will each share 4 weeks as Floater (a.k.a. “Swing” position) and Hourly employees/Apparel Assistants. Greg McAvoy will be returning for another year as an accomplished Hourly Employee/Apparel Assistant. Andrew Wuerthner will also be joining DIIA, for his first summer, as our 3rd Hourly Employee/Apparel Assistant.

Be sure to read the Driftwood that was delivered to your home as well as the DIIA website (DIIA.org) for this summer’s news and information. Many thanks to Dick Brinley who, once again, has done a tremendous job of coordinating both of these efforts. We would also like to thank all of our Committee Members, Officers and Board of Directors for countless hours spent, both in-season and off-season, assuring that our Association continues to run smoothly. The “Grandfather Squad” also deserves an enormous thank you for keeping the Community House and grounds updated, beautiful and safe. Many thanks to Sandy Magill for coordinating our DI Directory. Last but not least, thank you Christy Reynolds for coordinating our exciting Calendar of Events, as well as the numerous parents and grandparents who volunteer to host events at the Community House. Without all of you, the children’s programs would not be what they have become today. Our children and grandchildren are so fortunate to be surrounded by such a generous community.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to so many Islanders for so many different reasons... too many to list individually.

During the off-season, many new DIIA Committees were formed by another group of wonderful volunteers who are busy drafting and/or finalizing committee guidelines. The Community House was updated with new door locks, gutters on the rear deck, new/repaired window screens, new folding chairs & dolly, roller shades and window safety devices. The large fan has been serviced and sounds much better! Kitchen and baths were refreshed with a fresh coat of paint as well as the stage, the front door benches, rear steps and doors. The First Aid kit has been updated and it is our hope that it won’t have to be used all summer. We are also happy to report that Jon Carter and the Town of Wells has purchased a beach wheelchair that Drakes Island residents may use

There will be a phone number posted at the main beach for those who would like to utilize one for a specified period of time. Lots more to come... stay tuned!

In closing, may your summer days be filled with sandy toes and a sun-kissed nose. Remember to play nice, wear your sunscreen, and always remember to check for ticks!

Kathy Hall
President, 2016 - 2018
Drakes Island Improvement Association

Brook Seeley
First Vice President, 2016 - 2018
Drakes Island Improvement Association