Letter from Co-Executive Director and Little Kids Day Camp Director

Dear Drakes Island Community,

I am very excited to be the Director of Little Kids Camp again for the 2021 summer, as there is truly no better way to spend a summer than on Drakes Island. As a counselor, I can’t wait to meet all of my new campers this year, as well as welcome back all of the returners!

This year will mark my 6th summer working for the D.I.I.A., and I have enjoyed every moment. Prior to becoming a counselor, I attended the camp myself for many years. Now, as a counselor I can’t wait to continue to provide a great experience throughout the summer with new arts and crafts, snacks, and time set aside to be outside each and every day. I still remember the games I played and the crafts that I made as a camper and hope to continue to provide the best experience possible for all campers, just as my counselors provided for me.

Similar to past years, Little Kids Camp will run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week. Safety measures have been put in place and with the well prepared and experienced staff working this year, I am confident that the Drakes Island Summer Camp will be able to provide an extremely fun, safe environment for all of its campers. The staff aims to bring back events from years past such as Water day and Halloween Week, while also allowing campers to choose some of their own favorite activities to add to the list. This schedule will allow us to make each and every day new and exciting!

The Drakes Island Summer Camp and Maine in general have been the best part of my summer year after year, and I can’t wait to spend yet another summer on the island. Drakes Island will always be a part of who I am as I have made so many lifelong friends, and some of my favorite memories are from on the island.

I look forward to getting back on the island again soon, and can’t wait to get camp started again in hopes of making it the best summer yet!


Liam Seeley
2021 Co-Executive Director & Director of the Little Kid's Camp
Drakes Island Improvement Association