Letter from the Co-Executive Director and Director of Big Kid's Day Camp

Dear Drakes Island Families and Friends,

Welcome back! I am thrilled to be one of this year’s Executive Directors of Big Kids Camp, along with Kellen Seeley and Ryan McAvoy. The three of us will be working closely with Executive Director of Little Kids Camp, Liam Seeley, to ensure yet another fantastic year of camp. We have a dedicated group of staff members this year that consists of both new and returning friendly faces.

As a staff we hope to introduce new aspects of camp, whether that be a new form of dodge ball or a strategic team game, as well as incorporating some of our favorite parts from when we were campers. This includes bringing back the GOODRAK tennis events that were unable to occur last year, which gives each camper the opportunity to showcase their practice from tennis lessons.

For the safety of our campers, as well as our staff, we plan to continue last year’s sanitation protocol of both equipment used outside at Big Kids Camp as well as inside our historic community house. As a staff, we promise to work tirelessly to ensure the safety of every camper, and if at any point that safety is compromised we will be sure to notify all necessary personal and DIIA Board Members to take the appropriate actions. Although still experiencing a global pandemic, I am joyfully optimistic that this summer will exceed expectations and continue to be a fun, safe, and exciting environment for campers of all ages.

DIIA summer camp has become a loved activity of so many island kids as it offers the chance to unplug and explore new games and activities. Whether you are a long time regular or attending your first summer I can guarantee you will find yourself making lifelong friends that you will look forward to seeing every summer at camp.

As someone whose parents went to camp it is truly an honor to have been appointed to this position and I am beyond excited to continue the legacy of DIIA camp counselors. I look forward to competing at GOODRAK, maybe an arcade trip or two when it rains, a line out the door for popsicles, insane games of crazy ball, and most importantly being a friend and role model for each and every camper. A big thank you to the counselors before me for showing me the way, the DIIA board members for helping each year of new directors navigate their position, and the Drakes Island community for making this camp possible!

Happy Summer Everyone! Stay Safe!


Kailey Hall
2021 Co-Executive Director & Tennis Director
Drakes Island Improvement Association