2016-2017 DIIA Committee

Position Committee Member Name
President Kathy Hall
1st Vice President Brook Seeley
2nd Vice President Christy Reynolds
Recording Secretary Cheryl Hall
Financial Treasurer Jess Ackerman
Membership Treasurer John Ardini
Board of Directors Dave Charbonneau – 2017
Shelly Mokas– 2018
Mike McCarthy – 2019
Tennis Committee John Maneikis, Chairperson
Kevin Cullen, Chairperson
Tom Appleton
Donna Cullen
Maryanne Foley
Donna Ford
Jennifer Kerr
Dede McQuillan
Hiring Committee Mike Moresco
Kristen Rosario
MaryBeth Philbin
Memorial Fund Committee Maryanne Foley
Karen Kalec
Janis Carty
Ellie Carberry Award Committee Martha Banfield
Penny Cox
Mike Moresco
Building & Grounds Committee - position open -
Executive Director Nick Wuerthner - 2016
Little Kids Camp Director Nick Hall - 2017
Tennis Director Nick Wuerthner - 2016
Website and Driftwood Editor Richard Brinley
Apparel Director Jennifer Kerr
Homeowners Directory Coordinator Sandy Magill
Drakes Island Historian Karen Kalec